Model Mountains | An Exhibition by Alex Nirta for CONTACT


Studio67 is delighted to present Alex Nirta’s newest body of work, Model Mountains featured in the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival

Model Mountains, Nirta’s most striking exhibition to date, is a series of photographs that shows us how massive mountains look different if we alter their appearance. Captured in the Canadian Rockies using a tilt-shift lens, which is used for selective focus or for simulating a miniature scene, these mountain landscapes are altered to look like you are diving into a plastic model world.

Contact is a city wide festival of photography celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year. In fact, it’s the largest photography festival in the world, boasting over 200 exhibits featuring 1500 artists.

Each May, photographers take over the city of Toronto, showing their work in every gallery, cafe, lobby, and public space in the city. It’s a time when this city is alive with art, so we’re very excited to have Alex back for his second show at Studio67 and be a part of the Scotiabank Contact Photogaphy Festival.

“Being able to partake in a city wide festival is truly a unique honour. Getting to share my body of work with so many talented artists is a neat experience. Having people, including myself, to get out there to witness different styles of images and feel inspired is a fun experience. It’s really nice to know that people are interested in the art of photography will get to see my work” says Alex.

Model Mountains will be showing at Studio67 throughout the month of May as a part of Contact, continue into the summer.

So please, drop by and see it. And don’t forget to look around you this month.

Art is everywhere.

~ Chanel