Twinning: Find Your Ultimate Hair Inspo and Run With It

It’s fall and everyone is looking to change their hair.

You know that I’m a huge advocate for change, especially when it comes to beauty and personal style. That doesn’t mean I think you should totally change everything one month to the next (obviously that’s unrealistic). But as we transition into fall, we’re looking less for the relaxed bohemian styles of summer, and for more refined and polished looks.

Of course, this brings up the age-old dilemma of wanting to change but also wanting to stay the same. You might be looking to do something new with your hair but also thinking to yourself, “I’ve got a good thing going, why mess with that?” And you're totally right.

I’ve said time and time again, change doesn’t have to be drastic. Think small adjustments that have a big impact and can keep you from falling into a hair rut.

It sounds kind of silly, but my secret weapon is #twinning.

I look for women who have similar hair, skintone, or personal style and I take serious inspiration from them. I always take note of what they’re doing with their hair and their overall look and it keeps me inspired to stay on point and constantly evolving.

How does it work? It’s simple really...

I’ve always looked to Jennifer Lopez for her hair colour because she and I have a very similar complexion and skin tone.

Right now people really associate with Jennifer Lawrence, and I’m definitely no exception. Everything she’s done with her style in the last three years has been so on point and versatile enough for virtually everyone. She’s an excellent hair muse and I look to her for hairstyle inspiration.

Where there’s a will…

Kirsten Dunst does so much with her hair. You wouldn’t think it because she’s so creative with her looks, but she actually has a fairly limiting kind of hair: fine and straight.

People tend to think that fine hair is the most restrictive, and to a certain extent that's true but it's not as true as we tend to believe. You'll never really change the nature of your hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change it up and stay fresh with different cuts, styles, or colour. That’s why Kirsten Dunst is such an inspiration, she plays with different shades of blond and styles to stay versatile and on trend.

So, while there are some limitations as far as what your hair is capable of, they tend to be in extremes. If you have baby fine straight hair you can achieve volume and curl with the right product and styling, but you’ll never rock an afro. You can’t get to the other end of the spectrum, but there’s still so much you can do.

My point is, what you can and can’t do with your hair is more a matter of perception and personality than anything else. If you have a goal, chances are there’s a way we can get you there.

A match made in heaven

So if you’re not already twinning with someone’s style, you should be. How do you choose the right style icon for you? Well, here are a few of my absolute favourite celebrities for hair:

Kristen Stewart

I’ve always been drawn to what Kristen Stewart is doing with her hair. I think for me what’s most inspiring about her approach to personal style is that she’s daring. She’s definitely not one to shy away from drastic changes. Even though she had her signature long auburn Twilight locks for so many years, she wasn’t afraid to chop it all off the minute they were done shooting the series.

The best lesson we can all learn from Kristen is don’t be scared. Dare to change your hair.

Kim Kardashian

I wish Kim Kardashian was famous for her hair and not all the other things she’s famous for, because Kim has some seriously good hair. And you know, what’s most interesting about Kim’s style is that even though she’s always evolving she still retains something that’s very signature about her look.

Kim has done it all. She plays with length, shade, fringe, texture, products and styles. She’s willing to try anything and she always pulls it off, even drastic changes like her platinum blonde.

She’s proof that you can change your look a lot and still stay classically you.

Kerry Washington

Always the picture of elegance, Kerry Washington has one of the most basic and timeless lessons for all of us when it comes to personal style: when you want to make a change but you don’t want to do anything too drastic, think small changes that have a big impact. Kerry looks gorgeous in every single look she tries out. She’s able to mix it up while staying within a well defined zone that she full well knows works for her.

Personally, I feel like we all look to others for style and beauty inspiration. Maybe you have a serious style crush on someone and you’re already twinning. If you do, I’d honestly love to know who it is.

And if you see anything here that you want to try, talk to me.

Let’s make it happen.

~ Chanel