Trending This Fall: The Hottest Hair for Cooler Months

(Photo source from left to right: Harper's Bizarre / / / Pinterest)

(Photo source from left to right: Harper's Bizarre / / / Pinterest)

It feels like just yesterday I wrote the blog post for perfect summer hair... but here we are. Summer’s gone. It’s fall now.

And you know what that means? Seasonal style makeovers and fall fashion.

Summer style will always have such a special place in my heart (I mean, you know me, I’m such a sucker for boho beachy blondes). But is there anything better than fall fashion and style? Of course not.

There’s a reason why September issues are so thick. It’s just so good. And hair is certainly no exception. Here's what trending for hair this fall:

Resist The Darkness

Everybody wants to go darker in the fall, but let me tell you a little secret: you don’t have to be a brunette in the winter and a blonde in the summer. In fact, instead of going darker I’d love to see you warming your colour.

warming up instead of darkening your hair will make it way easier to lighten up next spring

There are so many reasons to resist the urge to go darker. Sure, darker shades might appeal to you now, but in a few months those shades might feel too harsh as you loose that lush summer tan.

And never underestimate the appeal of winter blondes. Beautiful pearl and champagne tones are so, so right for the holiday season. Not to mention, that warming up instead of darkening your hair will make it way easier to lighten up next spring.

(photo source from left to right / top:,,,, / bottom:  Harper’s Bizzare,,,

(photo source from left to right / top:,,,, / bottom:  Harper’s Bizzare,,,

What we’re really aiming for when we want to darken our hair colour is to give our hairstyle a more neat and unified look.

So instead of changing the it entirely, consider a different shade or hue of the color you have and bring in more warmth. Particularly for blondes, warmth will read darker and give you the effect you’re looking for without fully committing to the darkness. Warm tones achieve a more polished vibe and give your hair colour a certain richness that’s actually perfect for fall.

Balayage changes in the fall as well. In the summer we see lots of very high contrast balayage looks and darker root ombres. These styles give off a drastic surfer vibe and look absolutely amazing with a tan. But in the fall, we like to use a colour palette that’s closer together and bring the hand painted pieces higher and closer to the root to give a more blended appearance.

In the fall, it’s all about refinement.

... as we move into fall we’re seeing top knots replaced by buns and neatly tied ponytails. Overall it’s a more formal, business-woman vibe.

Trending This Fall

I like to think of fall as a kind of pre-holiday season. There’s always a lot going on this time of year and so many events happening. We have more commitments and we’re going out more. Our style begins to take a more holiday-like direction. We see more red lips, slick back styles.

Here’s my little rundown of style direction this fall:

From Top Knots to Polished Buns and Ponytails

The top knot dominated fashion-forward hair this summer. The perfect compliment to beachy waves, this style ran the gamut from big, loose and bohemian to tightly knotted prim and proper work vibes.

(photo source left to right: / / Pinterest / /

(photo source left to right: / / Pinterest / /

But as we move into fall we’re seeing them replaced by buns and neatly tied ponytails. Overall, it’s a more formal, business-woman vibe.

My personal favourites are the tight high ponytail– which is so boss for work– and the low, nape of the neck bun– perfectly feminine for an evening out on the town.

It’s interesting to note that the low buns we’re seeing a lot of this season are loose and a bit playful, which is another take on that cool and loose top knot vibe we saw so much of in spring and summer.

(photos source left to right: / / / Pinterest)

(photos source left to right: / / / Pinterest)

If fringe has a season, it is undoubtedly the fall...

Center Parts

This is just a hunch, but I have the feeling that we’re going to be seeing more center parts emerging this fall. This makes a lot of sense to me, since fall is all about getting back in focus and going for more refined, well kept styles. Such a contract from summer because I mean, let’s be honest, who even has a hair part in the summer anyway?

Center parts are actually a great compliment to the structured waves that became so popular this spring and carried through the summer.

It’s a polished look that compliments every face shape and it's a play on vintage styles which are always trending this time of year.


If fringe has a season, it is undoubtedly fall. No one wants to mess with bangs in the summer because it’s just too damn hot. But as the temperatures drop the fringe comes out. Particularly popular this year is a loose fringe that’s a bit on the longer side. This season is all about texture, a long and loose bang is the perfect compliment to that.

(all photos taken from Pinterest)

(all photos taken from Pinterest)

Fall In Line

In a lot of ways, fall is like the beginning of the year. People are getting back to work after taking long weekends and summer vacations. There’s so many events and so much happening around the city. This season marks a fresh start and a renewed focus on all that we do, both personally and professionally.

So fall is a time when we want to transition from the wild and free vibes of summer hair to a much more clean, polished and put together look. September ushers in a lifestyle change for all of us and whenever the seasons change, we’re want our look to change too. But for fall, I’d urge you to think more about refinement than actually changing your style.

Whereas summer is very loose, the goal for fall should be to embrace a defined look. Something intentional and flawless, whatever that may mean for you.

And as always, let us know if you have any questions or ideas that you’re considering.

We’re always here and happy to help.

~ Chanel