The Art of the Men’s Cut

People often think that women care more about their hair than men do, but that’s not true at all. It’s weird that we think that actually, because men have their hair cut more often than women do. They spend way more time here at the salon.

Hair is a big part of a man’s life. And trust me, men take their hair and their personal style very seriously. So it’s time we talk about the art of the men's cut.

What A Man Wants

I would say that above everything else, men value consistency when it comes to their hair. And with good reason! Many men are coming into the studio every three or four weeks to get their hair cut. It’s a regular appointment that they keep each and every month. That’s a massive time commitment. They want to be in and out as quickly as they can and they don’t want any surprises. So it’s important that both the stylist and the cut are consistent every time. That’s why it’s key to find your go-to stylist and the perfect cut for your personal style and lifestyle.

As with all shorter styles, small changes have a huge impact, so when it comes to cutting and styling a man’s hair the devil is in the details. As a stylist, you need to consider things like growth patterns and texture. You have to think not only about the cut but about what it’s going to look like in a week, then two. It will be entirely different by then, and you have to account for that when you have them in the chair.

Styles In The 6ix

Being a stylist with a certain flare for men, I have to say that I’m very spoiled here in the King West Village. We definitely have some of the most stylish men in the city, which means I get the pleasure of doing the most fashion forward men’s cuts of the season. Here’s what’s hot in men’s cuts right now:

The Modern Pompadour

Ah, the pompadour. It’s quite classic, a staple of an entire generation. James Dean, the young Elvis, and Bruno Mars all rock the classic pompadour, which is defined by a perfectly shaped pomp in the front and a polished slick-back.

In late 2015 we saw the pomp come back with a fury, but today men are giving it a modern twist by keeping the fringe longer in the front for versatility, incorporating a shaggy vibe and sometimes even an angular side part. The modern pompadour is still by far one of the most popular styles for 2016.

The Executive Comb Over

I definitely see a lot of the executive comb over here in King West Toronto, since our neighbourhood is chalk full of young professionals. It’s a great cut because it really is a classic, but even though it’s stood the test of time we’re seeing a modern twist with some men incorporating a slight fade up the sides or pulling it off with a nicely trimmed beard.

It’s an intriguing style because there can be so many variations. And nothing is more manly, in my opinion.

The Fade

The fade is still by far one of the most popular styles for men this year and I really don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon. It’s also one of the most difficult to do. It requires a lot of time and skill, but it truly looks awesome when it’s done right.

The Modern Crop

This one’s my favourite. It’s a really fun one to do as a stylist, characterized by a really short length on the back and sides with texture and length at the top. I like it because it’s a clean looking cut that is so incredibly versatile it suits pretty much anybody. Plus there’s not a lot of maintenance involved so it’s a great style for someone with a really busy schedule who doesn’t have loads of time to spend on their hair.

What Every Man Should Know

Styles are not always universal. Everybody wants the comb over but for a lot of men it won’t work with their hair. When you’re thinking about what style is right for you, think about how much time and effort you’re willing to put into recreating it every single day. And be honest, if you’re a really busy guy then go for something that looks great and fits your lifestyle.

And if all else fails, come and chat with us. We're always here and happy to help!

~ Ruth