Yes, We Really Are A Waste-Free Salon

A little while back, the lovely folks at Now Toronto wrote an article about our eco-conscious vibes here at Studio67. We were obviously delighted to be recognized for our dedication to environmentally friendly practices, but it occurred to me that many of you might not know exactly what that mens. Quite simply, Studio67 is almost entirely waste-free.

For real.

Since we opened out doors, we’ve had only three bags of garbage. In four months.

That blows my mind.

How We Went Green:

When we opened our doors I didn’t come in intentionally setting out to be waste-free. I mean, it’s not that I didn’t want to be an eco-conscious salon. In fact, anyone who knows me knows that I’m all about clean living in my personal life. I’m extremely dedicated to being active, eating right and just living an ethical life, making sure that the way I live isn’t doing harm.

But the fact is, salons are notorious for being wasteful.

Well, there’s an association called Green Circle Salons that has always been a great resource for Studio67. Because of them, the option to be an eco-conscious salon is there, and it’s not difficult or labour intensive. So when we opened our Portland doors, the choice to join Green Circles was pretty obvious.

Green circles is a company that provides a service. They come to your salon and pick up everything that can be recycled. And I don’t just mean the the simple stuff like paper or plastics but metals, foils, light bulbs, batteries, even hair, and they find a way to repurpose it all.

They melt foils down and reuse the metals, they collect used product and repurpose the chemicals, and they take hair and use it to clean up oil spills. How absolutely awesome is that?

The best part is that day-to-day, being an eco-conscious salon pretty much just means that everything has a place to go. It doesn’t mean more work for stylists, I mean we’re already disposing of foils and sweeping up hair multiple times a day regardless of where we put it. It just means a slight shift in how you dispose of those things. So instead of having one big garbage bin, we have four and everything has it’s place.  

85-95% of all Green Circle Salon waste is managed in an environmentally responsible way. And thanks to them, I can proudly say that after four whole months here at King Street West and Portland, I still don’t know when garbage day is. Win!

An Infinite Return:

The biggest return for me is the peace of mind. I like the idea of being able to show that it’s completely possible to be green even if you are a salon, because a lot of people in the industry see it as impossible but actually, it’s not hard.

It also feels really affirming when you start incorporating green practices into your work and you notice how such minimal effort can make such a massive impact. I mean, we’ve basically eliminated waste entirely with better waste organization and the help of Green Circle and now, we’re setting an example.

Can you imagine if the entire industry was this green? Maybe then the food industry would take pause and change the way they do things, and after that maybe film. Things tend to trickle over like that, that’s how real change happens.

Never underestimate your power to be the example and influence the people around you. 

~ Chanel.