The Hype: L’Oreal Steam Pods

It’s that time again! Time to give you the down low on the products, trends and techniques that everybody’s talking about right now. 

Up this week: The L'Oreal Steampod

The straightening iron is an amazing thing. It really has been one of the most innovative tools in contemporary hair styling and advances in straightening tools, even in just the last five years, have been pretty incredible. Well, the L’Oreal Steam Pod is to hair care today what the iron was ten years ago.

The thing is, a straightener, no matter what the design, is inherently damaging because it applies a heat source directly to your hair and heat causes damage. Of course now, thanks to Olaplex, damage can actually be repaired, but how damaging a straightener is depends on the type of hair you have, and at the end of the day an iron might not be the right tool for you.

Enter the L’Oreal Steam Pod. It’s not necessarily a straightening tool, think of it more as a smoothing tool. Design-wise, it’s a lot like a straightener but it has a cylinder that holds water to create a continuous source of pressurized steam that adds moisture directly to the shaft of the hair as you run it over sections and style. And, you can use it to straighten, wave and curl, just like you do your iron.

Cool, right?

The Steam Pod Claim to Fame

The chemistry of your hair is a lot like silk, so think of the difference between a straightener and a Steam Pod as the difference between ironing your silk blouse and steaming it. It’s huge.

As a matter of fact, Rowenta, who are famous for their professional and consumer grade garment steamers, first invented the Steam Pod. So the science behind it is pretty darn legit.

The Steam Pod is one of the only things (other than the Aveda Clay Condition) that I can actually say puts moisture into the shaft of the hair, which is not only better for the health of your hair but also give you a much longer lasting smooth finish. 

Pros & Cons

The Steam Pod is an excellent tool for you if you have thick, course, or curly hair. Not only because your hair needs more moisture than other hair types, but also because it lasts for so long. I’m talking days, even on super curly hair.

It’s not the best tool for you if you have hair that’s fine and you want lots of lift when you style. The problem is that the Steam Pod actually works, and works really well. If you have fine hair and your goal is volume, texture and lift, then the Steam Pod is going to make your hair too silky to give you the look you want.

The biggest benefit of the Steam Pod is frizz. Because it’s adding moisture directly into the shaft, it leaves your hair at it’s saturation point which means it’s completely immune to humidity and you get frizz-free hair, even on vacation.                             

The. Best.

The Bottom Line

Steam pods are amazing. I used a Steam Pod for the first time two years ago when they first hit the scene and I haven’t touched an iron to my hair since. Actually, with a lot of my clients it’s like as soon as they try it they have to have one and they never look back.

I highly recommend!

~ Chanel