Let There Be Light: Your Perfect Blonde for Spring

It’s spring and everyone wants to be a blonde, that’s just how it is. The number one request we get from our clients this time of year is that they want to go lighter, regardless of what color they walk in with or what their skin tone is. And you know what? That’s completely ok.

It’s unfortunately common for clients walk into a salon looking to make a big change only to be told no. But I’m a firm believer that everyone should have the hair they want and when it comes to hair anything is possible. There are no limits but the limits we impose on ourselves.

So I’m here to tell you that there really is a perfect blonde for everyone… and I do mean everyone

Here’s everything you need to know about channeling your inner blonde.

It's A Process

If you’re thinking about lightening up for summer there are a few things that you need to consider. The number one being that it may take some time. That’s not to say that you can’t be blonde for summer, you absolutely can, I just mean that you can’t expect to walk out of the salon as a platinum blonde on your first visit. In fact, you better not walk out a white blonde if you’re seeing a stylist that truly cares about the integrity of your hair.

Depending on where you are, it will likely take a few visits to get you to where you want to be and your first visit might be a long one.

To get you to a light base we’ll likely need to color most of the hair on your head, which means over an hour for application. And since we’ll be pulling out whatever color you have it’s very likely that we’ll want to tone it as well to remove warmth or brassy tones.

For a solid color we can get to light faster because it’s more of a color correction, which can be done in fewer visits. But they will be long ones. Like, all day at the salon long.

Of course, if we’re not able to get you where you want to be in a single visit then we’d get you to at least a mid-point, send you home with some Olaplex, wait a few weeks to allow your hair to rejuvenate and repeat.

It's A Commitment

When you go blonde you’re committing you maintenance. That’s just the way it is. Because it’s likely not close to your natural color you will have to come in regularly for root touch-ups or refreshers.

While there’s no getting around that, you can do a lot to minimize your salon visits.

If you go with an ombre or a balayage you can really push it when it comes to how often you come into the studio because your regrowth just adds to the overall look.

While you are making some kind of commitment to keep up your blonde when you lighten up for spring, it is really easy to manage how much you’re signing up for. You might not be getting your hair cut as often in the summer months and you’re probably going to be doing much less styling because the season is all about relaxed styles. That means air drying, less product and less time. So it evens out in the end.

Some People Are Scared of Blonde

Like love, blonde hurts. If you’re starting point is very dark or red then going lighter is definitely going to rough up the shaft of your hair. But let’s be clear about it: you should expect lightening to rough your hair up as in dry it out, but not damage it (thank you Olaplex!)

A lot of people are scared to go blonde because we’ve all heard those horror stories about breakage and hair loss. But that’s all pretty antiquated. Products have evolved to the point where you can do drastic color transformations without compromising the integrity of your hair. So yes, it’s reasonable to expect that blonde with dry out your hair but, when don’t properly, it will not damage or break your hair. I promise.

And actually, a little dryness is okay as we head into summer because we tend to want more texture, move movement and a more boho vibe for our hair during the warmer months. There really is such a thing as too healthy when it comes to pulling off beachy styles so some rough hair isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

There is absolutely a blonde for everyone no matter who you are, what your skin tone is, or what hair color you have... And please, don’t let stylists tell you otherwise.

Everyone Can Be A Blonde

Dark skin and olive tones look really nice in golden and caramel blondes. The idea is to create an opposite contrast between the hair and the skin or the eyes. These darker hues appear brighter and warmer against dark and olive skin which gives you a glow and makes you look full of life.

If you’re rosey, or you have a pinker skin tone, then definitely go with neutrals and avoid anything on the warm or golden side. Neutral or cool tones like champagne and pearl will compliment your complexion and neutralize rosiness.

And finally, if you’re very pale or you have a yellow skin tone then a platinum, white gold or even blue/grey/plum blonde will look striking on you.

So Just Go For It.

It makes total sense to want to lighten up in the spring. Winter and fall always seem to be very polished seasons when we strive for a classic and clean look, but as the days get warmer we want something more relaxed. When we think of spring we think light, fresh, bright, there’s something about spring that makes people want to start over and come out of their shell.

So naturally, we want our hair to reflect that too, and blonde is the perfect option because it’s summery, bohemian, laid back and sexy.

The perfect hue to usher you into the summer.

Until next time,

~ Chanel.