On Our Walls: high end art without the high end attitude

Introducing: The Studio67 Gallery

So, you might have noticed last Sunday night that we were open quite a bit later than usual and the studio was poppin’.

Well, that’s because our studio is also a gallery space, and Sunday night we were having our second gallery opening for the absolutely stunning paintings of Thornbury’s own Jon Houghton.

Of course, it’s not uncommon for salons to feature art on their walls. I mean, with so much space you have to decorate it with something.

But we’re doing much more with our installations that just decorating the walls. You see, the local Toronto arts community– and particularly artists local to King Street and Queen Street– have always been a passion of mine.

Studio67: A Community Oriented Creative Studio

As stylists, I think we’re innately drawn to fine art and literature. I mean, our craft is certainly an artform and I believe that hair is a medium for artistic expression. The art that you hang in your space has a dramatic effect on the feeling and energy in the room. Opening our studio, I knew that I wanted to feature the best of the best local artists, not only to support up and coming artists, but also to offer the King and Portland community access to high end art without the high end attitude. 

Toronto is such an incredibly expressive and artistic city. It was important to me that we open our doors to the people in our neighbourhood and embrace the artistic character that is such a signature of Toronto’s style. I want to feature sellable pieces, and that doesn’t mean I want to sell art, it means that I want to feature work that people can buy, and that people want to buy. I want to show people that incredibly beautiful art is accessible. That art doesn’t have to be pretentious. That art can be affordable and incredibly meaningful at the same time.

So with this gallery space I want to bring my two worlds together and connect our clients with local, affordable art for free, while it’s still free, because these are artists that will blow up and the value of their art is going to blow up too. I hope that our King West and Portland Street locals find art that resonates with them, that they're drawn to and that they love.

That's why we started the Studio67 Gallery.