New Years Eve

If you know me then you know that I LOVE New Years Eve.


It is hands down my absolute favourite holiday of the year and I’m such a romantic about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays and I love Christmas, but New Years Eve has always had such a special place in my heart. 

I’ve always been drawn to glamour. In fact, it's vintage Hollywood and Bollywood that have always inspired my personal style: big, glam and classic. New Years is all about that. It’s about romance, celebration and glamour. It has that Old Hollywood, all-that-glitters-is-gold feeling that just so timeless. To me, there’s nothing more fabulous and stylish than that.

I always say that it doesn’t matter what you do for New Years Eve, whether you’re staying in, hosting a party, or going out on the town, you should always look your best. New Years Eve sets the tone for the year to come. It’s that one special night of the year when anything can happen; when everything feels possible. And, as always, that perfect NYE look starts with perfect NYE hair. So here are a few tips to give you a little extra special inspiration for the big night. 

Go Big or Go Home

Whereas Christmas has bit more of a professional feel, and the key to great holiday hair is all about going from day to night, on New Years it’s all about fun and celebration and making a statement and being over the top. So when it comes to your hair, there is just one golden rule: whatever style you do, do it BIG

photos courtesy of

photos courtesy of

Whether you’re going up or down for your NYE hairstyle, be sure to add a little extra volume because, why not? If there’s one night a year that you can go as big as you want, it’s tonight. So don't be shy, just go for it!

To add extra oomph blow dray your hair upside down using your fingers until it’s completely dry, then use a big round brush to finish off and add extra lift to the sections around the crown of your head.

Backcombing is always a great way to add lift that will last all night long, and for an added boost I recommend the Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion. It literally does that backcombing for you. It's a miracle product.


Glitter is really hot right now but it’s not an easy look for everyone to pull off. Definitely not something I would do on any other night of the year. But on New Years we get a free pass to do things we might not normally try, plus what’s more NYE than glitter?!

photos courtesy of,, and pinterest.

photos courtesy of,, and pinterest.

If you’re thinking glitter and you want to do something bold, the glitter root is a great way to go. It’s a real statement and it’s an easy add on to any style. To get the look you can use a glitter infused hair spray and once your style is set just concentrate on the root along your hair’s part. If you want to go really bold, you can go the arts & crafts route and make your own glitter paste by mixing glitter into your favourite hair gel.

You know I love my ponytails right now, so one look that I personally want to try is the glitter ombre pony. For this, style your ponytail first and then top it off by painting the ends with a thick layer of glitter paste or a generous dose of a glitter spray. It’s such a fun and playful way to do glitter and it would look great on everyone. Plus, ponytails are so boss. 

If you want something subtle, swap out your usual finishing spray with one that’s infused with glitter and give your hair a generous dose to set your style for the night.EndFragment

Top it Off

photos courtesy of Brit + Co,,,

photos courtesy of Brit + Co,,,

Personally, my favourite way to glam up any style: accessorize!

I mean, you’re basically wearing jewelry in your hair and who doesn't love (and look great in) jewelry? I love headpieces because you really can integrate them into virtually any hairstyle and everyone looks great in a headdress. 

Whether you want to weave in a strand of something shiny into a romantic wavy do, top your mane with a tiara, or go for an ornate headband I recommend just one thing: go gold. It’s warm, it’s decadent and it will match anything you wear.

Whether you want to weave in a strand of something shiny into a romantic wavy do, top your mane with a tiara, or go for an ornate headband I recommend just one thing: go gold. It’s warm, it’s decadent and it will match anything you wear. 

Whatever you decide to do this Thursday night, whether you do the club, the dinner party, the out-of-town overnight or just stay in with your favourite human beings, I hope you all have a fabulous New Years Eve.

From all of us here at Studio67, we hope that 2016 is filled with nothing but love, happiness, success and awesome hair days.

~ Chanel.