Hello all my fabulous King and Portland folks, and welcome, one thousand times welcome, to the brand new Studio67 blog.

I am so excited to have a blog. Not only because it means I get to share the latest news and events happening here in our studio, but also because it means I get to share what inspires me and my team here at Fringe.

With any kind of creative expression, there comes a time when we need a little bit of inspiration. When we need to feel that surge of energy, that high that you get when you discover something completely new that you’re utterly drawn to.

Haircare and personal style are no exception. After all, what is more creative than the expression of self through personal style?

It is my most sincere hope that you find more in these pages of writing than just studio news.

That you find something that moves you. That compels you to try something different and new.

To be daring and wild and free, and to awaken new aspects of self.

Ready? Me too.

Here we go...