The Hype: Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer

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It’s definitely time for another installment of the hype because everyone is talking about the new Supersonic Hair Dryer by Dyson. It’s everywhere; online, in the papers, all over social media and right here, at Studio67.

That’s right. Dyson gave us our very own units to demo here in the studio and after almost a month of working with these bad boys every day, we can officially give you the down and dirty on what they’re all about.

What is it?

The Dyson Supersonic is the latest ionic blow dryer to hit the market at a whopping $599 a pop.

An icon hair dryer is differentiated from your standard blow dryer because as it moves air from the back and through the front it becomes infused with negative electrons that speed up the drying process. These free electrons also contain water molecules so they hydrate the hair while it dries leaving it much smoother than other blow dryers.

Now, ionic hair dryers have been around for a little while but Dyson seriously upped the game with this one (as per usual). Not only does it have an entirely different form factor but it also boasts a digital motor that's super powerful and much more quiet than anything we’ve seen before.

Hair dryers with big bulky motors have to put them in the head – it’s the only place they will fit. That’s why hair dryer design hasn’t changed since the 1960’s.
~ James Dyson
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What sets it apart?

It’s said to be revolutionary in the way it delivers power. First, it has a digital motor as opposed to the normal mechanical ones so it’s much smaller, which is why they were able to put it in the handle of the device as opposed to the back.

Air Multiplier™ technology A high-pressure, high-velocity jet of air exits the amplifier, tripling airflow. ~ James Dyson

Because of the form factor it’s also able to deliver air differently. Whereas a normal dryer delivers air from the back of the head to the front, the Supersonic delivers it from the front to back, through the center, and up through the handle. This is another major factor in the Supersonic’s ability to dry hair much faster than other devices.

It’s smaller and lighter than any professional hair dryer that I’ve seen and because the components are in the handle the weight distribution is totally different. Using it feels like a completely different action. My wrist never hurts when I use the Dyson, which is a big deal. Stylists often develop repetitive strain injuries in their hands and wrists over time, so anything that takes the strain away from those areas is a major plus.

What’s all the Hype about?

It’s a Dyson, and Dyson is just Dyson. Every product they make is just so far about and beyond the gold standard, just so far superior to other products in their class, and this really is no exception. They’ve dedicated hundred of scientists to this project and invested 38 million pounds (POUNDS!) into research and development. Of course it’s amazing.

Everything they make is magic.


It seems like a lot of money for a hair dryer, no?

It’s a lot. There’s no question about it; it’s twice the price of a professional grade hair dryer. And to be honest, I did have reservations about the price point for the consumer model. I mean, does anything really justify paying that much?

However, I have clients whose hair is so thick they would never consider washing and drying it at home. Not only would every single blow dryer on the market fail them, but it would take far too long. For these people, the only solution is a salon blow out. But this is actually a game changer. This is actually something that they could use.

I can dry my hair in 15 minutes with the Dyson, and the fact is that anyone with textured or ethnic hair like mine has never been able to do that before. So yeah. It actually is worth it.

The Bottom Line:

I absolutely love everything about it. The size of it, the way you can hold it, the power. It’s just so much better than any blow dryer I’ve ever had. And I swear, Dyson is not paying me to say that. It’s just the truth.

If you’re interested in trying these game-changers out for yourself, come on in. They’re now the only thing we work with here at Studio67.

~ Chanel