People of Fringe Portland: Ms. Ruth McCloskey

It’s that time again folks!

Time to introduce you to another member of our team. Finally, and without further adieu, please meet Ms. Ruth McCloskey.

Where are you from originally and how long have you been in Toronto?

I’m from originally from Dublin and I’ve been in Toronto since July 2014. So about a year and a half. I had never been to North America before and I had the chance to do a bit of traveling with a television show I was working for. That totally got the travel bug spurred in me and I decided I wanted to make a big move and come live over here. I chose Toronto because it’s really multicultural, it’s really liberal, and I heard the hair industry here was great. Well, now that I’m here I can tell you it’s absolutely amazing; really progressive and daring. Just awesome.

How long have you been doing hair?

My career started in 2007 when I took on an apprenticeship at Peter Mark in Dublin. They’re a big national salon, like the Aveda of Ireland. I was working with them for 7 years and it was so hard to leave my clientele but I knew I needed to do it. I wanted to live abroad.

How do you feel about doing hair?

Being a stylist means constantly challenging your creativity. It makes me feel really social because I get to express myself and meet new people, build relationships and try new things. I absolutely love it. There’s nothing better that the blank canvas. When a client comes in and wants something totally different and they leave it up to you. It’s so gratifying and being the driving force of their personal transformation is just really thrilling and rewarding.

Look you love right now?

I always love angular shapes and sharp looks. I love the bobs, they’re really satisfying to do because they’re do precise and they look great on anybody. Right I’m really loving rose gold balayage and peachy blonde highlights. They’re so warm and subtle but also just a little bit edgy. Mark my words, they are the next big thing.

What does personal style mean to you?

Style is an expression of yourself. It’s a way to be something different every day, if you want, and Toronto is a great city for that because everyone is very accepting. Here, you’re free to like do whatever you want and people are just like, “Cool.” I love that about Toronto.

Now, when it comes to style your hair is key because you wear it every day. If your hair’s not right then you don’t feel right. But if your hair’s on point then you feel invincible. I always tell my clients that the number one rule to deciding on the perfect style for you is if you can’t recreate it with ease then I stay away from it. If it doesn’t come naturally then trust me, you don’t want it. There’s nothing worse than getting up and not knowing what to wear or struggling to get your hair right. It causes stress and none of us needs that.

What do you do when you’re not doing hair?

Explore Toronto, of course. I love to find new places and little hidden gems, Toronto’s full of them too. I love comedy shows and art and museums. I’m totally still doing the sight seeing thing, but what’s cool about Toronto is that locals are doing that stuff too. It’s not just for tourists.

Who do you love most in this world?

My mother. Hands down. She’s my hero.